Today’s exercise was to: create and upload a simple header, background, or both. And if already done to try a custom widget.  Unlike yesterday’s assignment, I got this one and could do it without help from hubby.  I really like having a personalised header, with one of my photographs be it of the cats, buildings or the scenery of my country that appeals to me.  Eventually, I may set it up so it’s random and cycles through the images that I want to share.  I will supplement the personal images by pulling in images that appeal or have meaning for me from the internet as well.

My current header is from our capital city, Wellington along the water front.  It is a vibrant part of the city.  I liked this image because of the focus I created in the cropping created for this image.  The faded appearance of the picture suits my shadow theme quite nicely. If the header could be longer I would have added the empty seating in the forefront because they seem whimsical.  These can be seen in my featured image.  There are often people on the waterfront, exercising, fishing or just relaxing in the sun.   We enjoyed a long walk along the shore front.

I changed my theme again to enable my header, the title and tagline all to be seen.  I sense that this may be an ongoing thing for me, where I find the theme that suits my blog now, rather than one that is permanently utilised. I am still working out the widgets and features that suit how I want my blog to be, possibly I want it to be ever changing so that it never feels stale or neglected like I haven’t tended to it in a while.  I may have finally put an ‘about me’ widget in the sidebar using the text widget that I learnt about today – we shall see.

The technical side of blogging will always be a challenge for me.  Often it is not the actual mechanics it is more the thought of them.  I can’t see in my brain how they work, so then I panic, which never helps my thought processing and then I just can’t do it.  It is rarely the instructions, it is more likely to be my perspective of them and my assumption that I will be inadequate to the task.  I need to work on that, rather than disqualifying myself from an exercise like the “about me” widget, I need to try it without negative pre-judgement making it harder.  I still might fail, but that failure would be in my unbiased trying, rather than in thinking about what was required and faltering then.

Let me know what you think about my layout and use of widgets.  All suggestions and advice greatly appreciated to make my blog more enjoyable for me and my readers, as well as functional.

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