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Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

Today’s exercise was like being in my favourite book shop and being told I can have any book I want, but only one.  I would be hours trying to find that single perfect book.  I am not even sure I could find a single book with all the offerings available in the book shop.  Trying to find my perfect theme is very like that.  I have tried quite a few prior to today and haven’t yet found the one I truly love.  I do think it is similar to our house, where everything looks great and then I walk into a room and think … what if?  What if we got new curtains, new carpet, changed the function etc, etc, etc.  This blog is like my online home and while it is relatively new, it has already experienced a lot of changes as I try and make it comfy for me and inviting to the visitor.

El Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am not really a “design” person.  I am more into function.  I can live with a gaudy color or mismatched furniture if its remains effective in its selected function.  I think this is a reflection of being over weight much of my life and finding clothes was more about being covered, rather than having the ability to find clothes I really loved and that looked fantastic on me.  It is also influenced by my physical disabilities of fibromyalgia and arthritis where again I have had to chose functional items that supported my mobility and/or reduced my pain. It is interesting how the limitations of my physical life remain in the online one, where those same limitations are not as relevant.  I was drawn to the more simplistic theme designs over the more ‘fussy’ ones, well, that appeared fussy by my definition.

I did enjoy this exercise.  It was like a shopping trip that cost no money but led to many ‘costume’ changes for my blog.  I did change from the one I had before I stared on this exercise, in part because I enjoy mixing it up but also because I forgot the one I started with.  I did write down some of the ones I tried like The McKinley Theme and Editor.  The Reddle Theme that my blog is currently wearing is the chosen one for now but I think I will always be trying new ones.  I haven’t ventured into the themes that cost, mainly because the free ones seem just as good and are, well, free.  I think that when I get to know more about how to navigate the site and the features I am currently ignorant of, selecting a theme might become more critical.

I am tempted to buy the custom design upgrade, because at the moment, with my limited technical knowledge colour and font etc are more critical to me than the basic design  or technical differences between the themes.  I look forward to learning more how to make my blog more functional, like using pages etc (not sure what there is possible to be honest) but I still want it to be pretty and inviting to my potential readers.  If the first look is the one that determines if a blog is followed, then the theme design and colours are quite important. They draw the reader in and then my writing will hopefully entertain them enough to stay.

I am really looking forward to reading other blogs about this process.  It seems so simple to just select themes but it is an early indication of what the blogger is like.  I do enjoy looking at all the different blogs as much as I enjoy reading the content.

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  1. Even though I hate pink, your design is clean and easy to navigate. When I had my web hosted blog years back, I was all about the design. I had a billion widgets everywhere and while it looked pretty awesome, I wouldn’t do anything like that again.

    If you ever need a fancy logo or anything, I’m your guy!

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