Today’s assignment was to explore five topics in the reader and add five more blogs to follow.  I found it really hard to find today’s assignment, it was very buried in all the new blogs that I had already added and was then compounded with the new blogs added for the assignment.  I am a bit concerned that finding the assignments could become ever increasingly problematic and am hoping there is a way to organise your post notifications so I can more easily access the assignments.  I intend to spend some time figuring that out.  I love all the Blogging 101 posts but the sheer number is really overwhelming.

When hunting the Reader for topics I found using tags had me meandering to interesting places.  The blog that the tag word found was often not completely what I thought it was and led to some blogs that I might not have found otherwise.  I went to my standbys of media, nursing, theorist names like Buckminster Fuller and books.  I am definitely going to return to my search and find more.  I love that I will now have a wide range of blogs to enjoy reading.  I like writing comments on the posts that I relate to or can add to but I might need to get braver to ask for clarification on the topics out of my scope of knowledge.

It was interesting that a few times in my searching I ended up at dead ends that even the back arrow could not rescue me from.  Navigating the blogging community is remarkably similar to my navigating the real world.  I frequently get lost in both situations.  Hubby says it is because I get distracted and therefore forget where I have been and fail to memorise path markers to return to.  Online it was the same I would keep following a thread like a bread crumb and then completely forget where I started or where I was intending on getting to.  But it was fun and I am now following some great blogs.

I found adding five new blogs to be quite easy and I am not actually sure how many I added.  Initially, I only had my cousin’s blog but now it is joined by quite a few others.  I have been sticking to my areas of interest but over time I am definitely going to add some new interests.  The blogs that I have been reading are amazing.  People are so creative both in their content and in their blog designs.  It is hard not to compare my writing and design and wish for more… more skill, more confidence, more interesting … just more.  But I write what I can and how, hoping that over time I will improve.  As my confidence builds I am hoping it will be reflected in my comfort in writing and having it read.

I noted that the assignment said if you didn’t want to participate in a community then why not write a private diary.  I have written diaries in the past and wanted something that was less a less solitary activity. I do write a line a day in my five year diary but that is use more for the things that I get up to daily.  This blog was intended to enable me to communicate with the world and share my participation in it.  I find that recently I am more comfortable online than interacting in the real world.  My blog and accessing the blogs of other people is my way to plug back into the world, one step at a time.  It is a real thrill to write and think what I wrote might interest someone else to the extent that they might spend some of their time reading my blog.

I write knowing that other people will read my blog and therefore have insight into my reality.  The reader need not be silent they can comment, offer feedback and a small voice in the back of my mind worries that they might judge me. But I chose to make this public and I try very hard to not filter what I write based on the impression that I might make on my potential reader or the connotations that they might infer, very diverse from what I had intended.  I would hope the potential for discussion could be derived in comments about what I write, seeking clarification or offering an alternate point of view. The to and fro of a comments and replies would be great.

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