Editing the written self

Really? Only one?
Really? Only one?

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

When I first saw this assignment I thought that it was one I couldn’t do, or rather didn’t need to do.  I really like my blog title and the tagline.  They flowed naturally when I first set my blog up.  They speak to my intention in a subtle way, that is reinforced in what I wrote in my About section.  I am retaining my title because the reality I live and that which I allow others to see is shadowed and very diverse.  My cousin recently suggested I wear a costume for Halloween and I said no need I always wear a mask.  While what I said was a joke on the surface, the reality is that I am rarely around people, even those I love, without a mask.  I wanted this blog to be the reality with no mask and each time I see the title “shadowrealities” it reminds me to veer toward the reality and leave the shadows behind.  Its kind of cutesy but it does suit where I am in my life currently, with the awareness and hope that this situation might change.

I put the term shadowrealities into Google, which I didn’t do when I originally came up with it. I probably had the idea it was a new word pairing and all mine.  I was mistaken and found many other examples of its use.  I particularly liked this reference from a Hebrews 10:1 interpretation, “The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming–not the realities themselves” (taken from http://biblehub.com/hebrews/10-1.htm).  I may need to take some time and apply that statement to my own life, potentially substituting the word law for something more personal.  Possibly the idea that the shadows I use to protect myself are leading me to something good where they will no longer be required.  My second favourite use was a book titled “Shadow Realities” by Herb Haslam, which I am now going to read because the plot seems to echo my own journey of which my blog is a tool. Putting it really simply the plot is about the lead character dumped by the love of his life and the story follows what happens to him as a consequence.  Despite finding a number of articles references and novels that encompass my title and made me realise originality is not going to be a claim for this title, it is reassuring that many of them appeared to be complementary with what I ant to do, reinforcing for my own peace of mind that this was the right title for me and my blog objective.

After re-reading the Blogging 101 information about titles and taglines I decided I needed to edit my tagline.  The bones are good but it could definitely do with some work to make it tighter and more representational.  I question the words “my attempt”,  This seems to be a weak start and allows for the potential that I expect or will fail in this objective.  I believe that “Peering through the shadows of my life” is stronger.  I am peering, as it is my life, but It is also inclusive of the feedback from other people to potentially provide insight and help me see my own life and life in general more clearly. I like the term “peering” because of the reference to the visual and it seems more active than using a word like ‘observing’.  Much of the reality of my life I have hidden even from myself and just got used to the blurred perspective.  Peering at it more closely but without the judgement of the connotations of terms like ‘exposing’ or ‘exploring’ make it feel less intimidating to me and a real possibility of achievement.

I am pondering the concluding words of “introduce the reality”.  It is actually very open to a myriad of interpretations.  Who is the reality being introduced to?  Is it just me with the reader a passive observer, or is it in fact a kind of blog to myself which again puts the reader in a passive position when I actually want more reader participation.  I want a conversation rather than a lecture.  Like minded people that are going through or have experienced what I have making me feel less alone and people that offer contrast, to help me reality and make changes to my thinking and potentially my situation.

This edit is quite hard, trying to frame what I want to say in what is essentially a sentence.  My first thought was “peering through the shadows of the life and expose the reality”  but exposing seems confrontational and lurid in some way, not much of a distinction from using ‘introduce’. I am thinking that maybe I don’t need the ‘and’  what it brings with it at all.  If I leave it the tagline at “peering through the shadows of my life” it seems unlimited in what the potential scope could be. This tagline could encompass my experiences, as well as what I have learned formally and informally plus simply what interests me to blog about.  So my conclusion is that the title will remain the same but the tagline will now be simply “peering through the shadows of my life.”  The tagline isn’t perfect but it works for now and like many other aspects of my blog it will be a work in progress.

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