Who am I?


My name is Samantha Kelly.  I live in a rural town In New Zealand called Feilding.  The spelling of my town is rarely correct with people going with the more familiar fielding, as in the game of cricket.  I am 46 years old and have been married to the same man longer than I have been single.  I refer to him as hubby, as this is my personal blog and while he will be often referred to within it, he deserves the limited privacy I can afford him.  He is my strongest advocate, letting me know when he doesn’t find a blog from me in his email.  It was his suggestion that got me into blogging.  I had lost my love of writing with the recent stress of writing my masters thesis – an experience I am bound to vent oops blog about.  In our home we have 7 cats (and yes I worry that I may be the crazy cat woman), 2 turtles and a rat.

I am blogging publicly and writing a personal journal.  I wanted to blog because it is a way to enjoy writing without the pressure of it being graded or requiring publishing in the traditional sense.  I also wanted to have my writing style and the content commented on by readers to enable me to grow both personally and as a writer.  I am already an avid reader and will hopefully connect with other bloggers and enjoy their writing. I registered for Blogging 101, because I am essentially a complete novice and want to both personalise my blog more and make it feel like a home for my writing, as well as a destination for other writers.  I look forward to the feedback and feeling more connected within the blogging community

The topics that I will write about will probably be quite eclectic.  I have an academic background in mental health nursing, English and media studies, so they will feature.  I have personal experiences that I will draw on and explore through my writing and reading the comments and writing of others.  Simply put, content will often reflect what I have been doing or thinking about that day.  Possibly over time this will be more focused but that will take practice since at the moment it takes a lot of time and editing to create and retain a single strand a post for publishing.  I also enjoy creative writing and will venture into that as time passes, especially the short story or novel forms.  Photography may also get an inclusion as my post graduate study focused on iconic images and I enjoy photography.

I would like to connect with people who are interested in what I write.  My objective being to provoke thought about the content and my perception of it.  I would also like to have my own thoughts challenged.  I love learning and what other people think about a situation increases my own knowledge about it.  One of the best parts of my novice blog so far is that I have a new connection with my cousin, who has also begun to blog.  It is a line of communication that is quite precious, even though we both may hesitate in some of our writing aware of our readers.

I am using the guidelines on the Blogging 101 suggestions to frame this blog and this final question was quite thought provoking:  If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?  I am not sure of my yard stick for “successfully blogging”.  I would currently define success as posting at least 3 – 5 times a week and improving my familiarity in how to do so, to get the best out of my blog.  I would like to accomplish a greater comfort in knowing there were people reading my blogs and to be accepting of feedback – good and bad.  I want to return to my love of writing and I hope to give someone pleasure or challenges to their thinking in some of my writing.

So that’s a brief introduction about me.  I look forward to reading the introductions of other people and exploring their blogs, hoping they will do the same with mine.

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